Foppiani Shipping & Logistics and Cargolux sign SAF agreement

Foppiani Shipping & Logistics (FSL) and Cargolux have signed an agreement for the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), as a reflection of both parties’ commitment to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).

This initiative will enable FSL to reduce its Scope 3 GHG emissions by at least 290 tonnes of CO₂e.

FSL highlights its commitment to sustainability and wants to give its contribution to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, as indicated by the EU program.

Enrico Rossi, Ceo and President of FSL, says “It’s crucial to decarbonize transportation and to promote the use of alternative and sustainable fuel. We are proud to have signed this agreement with our long-term partner Cargolux, Europe’s number one all-cargo airline. This is a first significant achievement, but it’s essential to follow this direction together. We have already planned more investments on the use and development of SAF. This action is part of our program to give our contribution to carbon neutrality and support the development of a more responsible and sustainable logistics.

Cargolux is pleased to take part in this SAF project with Foppiani Shipping & Logistics (FSL). Decarbonization is crucial for our industry and initiatives such as this one highlight our engagement for more environmentally-sound operations. Collaboration is key in the journey to carbon neutrality and we are pleased to play our part in the process.”, says Domenico Ceci Cargolux Executive Vice-President for Sales & Marketing.

SAF is made from 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials, including used cooking oil and animal fat waste.

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